From six to sixteen years old, I sang South Indian Classical Music (a.k.a Carnatic music). It was my first learned musical form. From 12, I  slowly moved westward through choral music and jazz, finally landing at R&B and pop. As of 2015 I began studying the piano and 2016 I started drums; both instruments have vastly grown my vocal sensibilities.

Vocal demo - Rishi Menon

This vocal demo covers a wide musical range and dynamic, from John Legend to Broadway musical, from Disney to funk, etc. My Disneyworld project can be found at track 4. Enjoy!


Willy wonka Live at the Hollywood Bowl (Nov 2017)

Legend of Zelda - Symphony of the goddesses Concert (Sept 2017)

War for the Planet of the Apes - 20th CEntury Fox (Mar 2017)

Rivers of Light - Disneyworld Orlando (Jan 2015)

Glory Ride - Broadway musical

UCLA Scattertones - A Cappella album

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was adapted in a live-to-film concert, and I sang in the show's choir.  Sharing the stage with John Stamos, Ingrid Michaelson, Giancarlo Esposito, and others was a blast!

I joined the LA Choral Lab as the performing choir for the official Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddessess tour! The score featured favorite themes from across the series anthology, from its first to the latest.

I sang bass I (baritone) as part of the film's official choir. Michael Giacchino composed the score; he's wonderful to work for! Such a great movie and moving score. 

I lent my voice for the male lead, male trio, and background vocal parts. This show showcased ethnic music from all over the world, so we sang in Indian, Asian, and African styles. Project leaders were Mark Renfrown and Don Harper.

I lent my voice for the male lead demo - the musical is currently being workshopped off Broadway. Project leader was Russell Angelico.

This was an 11-track a cappella album produced in 2015. I have solo credits on the following tracks: Crazy in Love (2), Paradise (7), and Wavin' Flag (11).

 Being Young - Scattertones Album 

While I was at UCLA, my a cappella group (the ScatterTones) competed in an international competition every year for a 4-year span. This album is a collection of some of our best work. I was the executive producer on the album - putting this together was a 1.5 year process, with many long nights and last minute deadlines.


But so worth it! What an immeasurable experience. And I have a couple features as well!

Solo credits: Crazy in Love, Paradise, and Wavin' Flag.

Vocal Percussion credits: Stop this Train, Atlas/Garands.

Audio Coming Soon!

 Rivers of Light - Disneyworld Orlando 

Disneyworld's Animal Kingdom is putting together a waterworks show that celebrates the world's diverse cultures! Think World of Color, with 4-6 moving platform screens and set in a lagoon-style amphitheater. I sang male lead, background vocals, and in the African chat.